The Small Balance
Real Estate Investment Summit



Oct. 16-18, 2014

Starting at 8:00 AM


Seattle, WA

Bell Harbor Convention Center

Welcome to the Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) Investment Summit!

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Our mission is to bring real estate asset based fund managers together with investors genuinely interested in this space in a way that no other resource in America provides.

Many accredited investors are looking for solid returns not correlated to the broader equities markets and are searching for alternative investments to provide them. New, emerging and experienced fund managers are producing these returns using multiple strategies. The SBRE Investment Summit is bringing them together, for the first time, in a forum focused exclusively on this space.

The SBRE space is highly fragmented, inefficient and often misunderstood by both fund managers and investors alike. This makes it difficult for them to access one another at all, let alone in a way that fosters transparency, creates mutual confidence and facilitates the flow of capital. This is our simple objective.

We are going to screen and select up to 36 high-caliber SBRE fund managers from across the United States to present their strategies and investment opportunities to a group of 100 accredited investors.

Day One | Due Diligence 101

Although investors are interested in this space, placing their money in a discretionary investment fund (or “blind pool”) can be scary. The fact is many investors are not sure what to look for or how to do proper due diligence on a given fund manager. On Day one, our investor attendees will have the opportunity to learn the nuances of the SBRE space. We will explain the five key areas on which due diligence should be focused and what exactly to look for in order to distinguish one fund and manager from another. Our goal is to illuminate the important and often hidden elements that need to be considered to make wise investment decisions.

Day Two | Investment Presentations

On Day Two, Fund managers will present their stories and investment opportunities to our audience of investors. With a broad array of investment strategies to choose from, investors will see and hear many interesting small balance real estate opportunities from all over the United States. Building on Day One’s knowledge, investors will provide real time, electronic feedback on their level of interest in learning more about any particular fund, ranging from “none” to “moderate” to “strong.”

After the presentations, all Summit participants will relax at our cocktail party at the beautiful Seattle Four Seasons hotel nearby and then enjoy an amazing dinner experience while listening to our keynote speaker - Pro Football Hall of Famer, three time Super Bowl champion and the NFL's all-time leading rusher - Emmitt Smith. This will be an evening not to be missed!

Day Three | One-on-Ones and Capital Raise Boot Camp

On Saturday morning, conference room space will be made available for one-on-one meetings between individual fund managers and investors interested in their strategy. As connections are made on Day Two, participants will make appointments for Day Three one-on-ones as desired. Finally, on Saturday afternoon Fairway America will facilitate a peer-to-peer discussion among the fund managers on the subject of effective capital raising. Strategies, tactics, tools, tips, and best practices will be shared by and amongst the fund manager participants in a spirit of learning, growth and improvement about how to raise more capital effectively over time. Fairway will share its capital raise strategic plans and lead the discussion in order to generate the greatest possible mind share and value for all fund managers who stay for this valuable experience.

If you're an investor specifically interested in the small balance real estate pooled investment space and want to see up to 36 professional managers share their strategies and opportunities, or, if you're a fund manager that thinks your presentation has what it takes to make the cut, or, if you've been thinking about starting your own fund but don't know where to begin,
sign up today!

Space is limited so sign up today!

Connections will be made. Opportunities will be shared. Capital WILL be raised!

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There are two ticket types for investors - Executive and VIP.

Executive tickets are FREE and include access to the Investor Due Diligence 101 training, lunch, snacks and cocktail reception on Day 1, the Fund Manager Investment Presentations, breakfast, snacks, lunch and cocktail reception on Day 2 and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Fund Managers and breakfast on Day 3.

VIP tickets are $100 and include everything that GA tickets include as well as access to the cocktail reception, gala dinner and keynote speech by Emmitt Smith at the Four Seasons Seattle.

Fund Managers

You may apply to be considered as one of our 36 presenting fund managers (two attendees per presenting fund).

General Admission

Existing fund managers and aspiring fund managers, and dealmakers may purchase general admission passes.

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